ELKOLET is a Christian facilitator assisting young people, families and the community with a holistic approach and helping to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development in schools.


Through its “Reactive and Preventative Services” and the provisions for “SMSC”, ELKOLET aims to provide facilities and programmes, that will help to reduce the negative effects of external influences, which may adversely effect young people and distract them from achieving the goal of completing their journey through mainstream education.


ELKOLET is a registered charity in England and Wales and pursuing to meet needs within British communities through “Social Impact” strategy.




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What is Social Impact ?


Social Impact is the effect of an activity on the social fabric of the community and well-being of individuals and families.


At ELKOLET we believe that business approaches can provide more sustainable solutions to social problems through providing Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship opportunities, Business Venture Start-UP opportunities, Work Experience, etc.


ELKOLET is willing to go beyond traditional investment models – one that is long term and brings social value benefits.


ELKOLET’S debt free self funding is the key to these benefits for young people - educational cycle - family - community in turn getting on with the Social Impact work starting in Alton, Hampshire then beyond.


What are ELKOLET’s aims?


ELKOLET is a “Facilitator”, that aims to…


1) provide a safe, healthy, affordable and conducive environment for young people;


2) provide an alternative education through The King’s Way Academy and the Equipping

    for Life (EfL)  programmes for young people who are unable to deal effectively within traditional mainstream  



3) provide a bridge between young people, and the world they need to navigate!



We found that ELKOLET’s programmes also supports the Department of Education’s initiatives concerning SMSC within the schools. The projects, we pray, will enthuse, inspire and give hope to the younger generation not only for a better future, but to develop the skills to build a better future for themselves.




Unless you equip young people on how to sow there will only be a single harvest; ELKOLET believes planting into young people will bring about a continuous harvest, for a new and brighter future for all.